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From Lars Kühne <>
Subject Re: Geronimo ORB progress
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 06:18:19 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> Lars Kühne wrote, On 11/17/2005 3:19 PM:
>>> On 11/17/05, *Dain Sundstrom* < <>>

>>> wrote:
>>>     +1 Using JIRA for tracking progress of the ORB would be great.
>>>     [...] I suggest you create an "Add an
>>>     ORB implementation" issue that can be the parent of all the tasks.
>> Done, GERONIMO-1198
> I think that we should make focused jira issues rather than a single 
> umbrella issue that tracks all work on the CORBA server.  Ideally, 
> people would put their stake in the ground by writing about the 
> architectural bit that they are going to implement in the wiki.  Then 
> follow up with a a single Jira issue that basically marks the bit that 
> you are going to implement.   File sub-tasks for the patches that you 
> are submitting.


as Dain suggested this issue is meant to serve as a parent issue for 
individual subtasks (or rather "incorporates" links?). This, together 
with using the CORBA component, is meant to serve as a simple method for 
filtering for individual work items that are open. Inidividual 
sub-issues would be stuff like "implement 
ORB.resolve_initial_reference", "allow JMX monitoring of property xyz", 
"add unit tests for ValueType mashalling" or "document configuration 

I have never used a Wiki as a collaboration tool, so maybe I don't know 
what I'm missing. Right now I wouldn't know what to write about the 
above sub-issues, as most of it isn't really "architectural" - it's 
described in the CORBA spec and somebody just has to do it.

For the trickier parts of an ORB a Wiki would certainly be a good idea 
to achieve some high level implementation idea before actual coding 
starts. However, I typically write an implementation overview 
(responsibility of each package and how they work together) in javadoc 
overview and package docs.

Do you use javadoc in geronimo land or do you write everything in the 
Wiki? What about end user docs, would they belong in src/xdocs, so they 
are easy to distribute with releases, or would that go into the Wiki, so 
they are easier to edit for non-committers?


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