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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: - Tomcat Examples in Geronimo - needed for v1
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 04:08:43 GMT
Jeff Genender wrote:
> Ok...
> I have placed the following files:
> geronimo-jsp-examples-TOMCAT5.5.12.war
> geronimo-servlet-examples-TOMCAT5.5.12.war
> They should be picked up and a part of ibiblio in a few hours.  They 
> will be in the geronimo repository in the war directory.


The file name in ibiblio is geronimo-servlet-examples-TOMCAT5.5.12.war

The property "tomcat_version" has a value of 5.5.12

Using the following:


Results in an extra "dash" (geronimo-servlet-examples-TOMCAT-5.5.12.war)

Of course, I can define a new property with the value "TOMCAT-5.5.12"..

Though, I suspect it may be better to rename the file to 
geronimo-servlet-examples-5.5.12 or 
geronimo-servlet-examples-TOMCAT-5.5.12 so that we can use the existing 

What do you think?


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