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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: [LONG] - Tomcat Examples in Geronimo - needed for v1
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 16:07:11 GMT
Ok...I can do #1, but we have a problem.

I could get the servlet-examples-5.5.12.war and jsp-examples-5.5.12.war 
to the ibiblio repo...but what happens is, since we have no deployment 
plan with them, the default URL will become:




This obviously is an issue and I am not so sure the Tomcat guys would be 
happy with this.  So this may not be a decent solution.


Dave Colasurdo wrote:
> Jeff/Jacek,
> Thanks for the info...  Anyone have an issue with pursuing this option? 
>  If not I will open the JIRA..
> -Dave-
> Jacek Laskowski wrote:
>> Dave Colasurdo wrote:
>>> GERONIMO-1087 and GERONIMO-1088 JIRAs were opened to introduce the 
>>> Tomcat examples into Geronimo.  I believe it is important to get 
>>> these introduced into the distributions (as default samples) for v1.
>>> There are a few different ways to approach this:
>>> 1) Ask Tomcat to create a war file for servlet-examples and 
>>> jsp-examples and post it to
>>> We pick up this dependency during our build and include it in the 
>>> appropriate distributions.
>> During the first days of the task of Tomcat embedding into Geronimo, I 
>> had the same concern about Tomcat's jars being available in Maven repo 
>> (i.e. I asked Tomcat developers to upload the jars 
>> Geronimo uses (c.f. 

>> So, whenever a new Tomcat version is released, its jars are published 
>> to manually. There's no process to do it automatically.
>> That's the only way to get around it. Any ASF committer can do it, 
>> just create a JIRA item and one will pick it up.
>>> -Dave-
>> Jacek

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