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From Jacek Laskowski <>
Subject Re: Geronimo ORB progress
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 15:50:17 GMT
Anders Hessellund Jensen wrote:

Hi Anders,

> This is to let you all in on the progress with the Geronimo ORB 
> implementation.
> We have been working on writing a test framework, that would allow us to 
>  coordinate and run ORBs in separate JVMs. The test framework is not 
> 100% polished yet, but it works, and it facilitates very easy 
> implementation of multiple-VM unit tests.

...and I must admit it's the first time I could read about it. It might 
be because I had some troubles with my mail account, but it might also 
be that there was no discussion about it at all in this mailing list. 
Which one explains it better I'll leave to the next paragraph.

> We expect to contribute a patch within this week, which will contain a 
> basic, working "Hello World" corba test.


> We have had some frustrations here at Trifork. It is very difficult to 
> for us to work together on the code without being able to commit the 
> code to a source repository, especially on a rapidly changing project 
> like the ORB. Of course we can submit patches, but these will, in the 
> optimal case, take at least a few hours and perhaps several days to get 
> committed to the repo.
> Whats worse, this situation with the code in the repo is significantly 
> behind, makes it virtually impossible for people other than us in 
> Trifork to work on the orb.
> I would like to hear some community response to this. Optimally, we 
> would like to gain commit access to the Geronimo repo. I understand that 
> you will not just hand out commit access to everyone, and that this has 
> to be deserved. I am confident that we at Trifork will contribute enough 
> code to become committer on Geronimo in the future, however, we need a 
> solution to this problem now.
> Do you have any suggestions to what we should do? Should we setup a 
> separate source repository for example at Sourceforge? - We could then 
> regularly sync this repo with the Geronimo repo, and everyone would be 
> able to check out the very latest version of the code.

I haven't yet seen a response to it and since I see it as an important 
issue, I'd like to spur a discussion about it and have it finally sorted 
out, especially for the current CORBA development being conducted in 

The only solution I can see now is to follow the usual and proven 
solution, which is to open JIRA items with patches applied. The more we 
could see earlier and the less complicated the changes will be, the 
better. To me it's an excellent approach to learn things and seems to be 
the best way to invite others to contribute. There was already a 
non-committer who showed interest in trying it out, actually. So, I'm 
very reluctant to gain commit access only on the promise to contribute 
more soon, which would be a bad sign to others who spend longer time 
with us, but haven't yet been given it.

Would you then open new JIRA items whenever a new change is introduced. 
I'm sure someone will pick it up and commit to the repo. You can always 
send a note to the forum and ask to boost the process if its speed 
becomes uncomfortable.

> Anders


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