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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: Tomcat Examples in Geronimo - needed for v1
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 01:09:36 GMT
I'd like to pursue option 1 below.. Can someone please provide insight? 
  If not, is option 2 acceptable?  Does anyone care?  :>)


Dave Colasurdo wrote:
> GERONIMO-1087 and GERONIMO-1088 JIRAs were opened to introduce the 
> Tomcat examples into Geronimo.  I believe it is important to get these 
> introduced into the distributions (as default samples) for v1.
> There are a few different ways to approach this:
> 1) Ask Tomcat to create a war file for servlet-examples and jsp-examples 
> and post it to
> We pick up this dependency during our build and include it in the 
> appropriate distributions.
> 2) We grab the exploded wars from the Tomcat binary (as there is no war 
> file) and manually create the war files and place them in some 
> repository where the geronimo build can find it.
> 3) We fork the tomcat source for these examples and build them within 
> Geronimo.  AFAIK, Tomcat uses ANT to build.  Would need to massage this 
> to work with maven accounting for the custom ant tasks and dependent jar 
> files.
> 4) We grab the exploded wars (not source) from the Tomcat binary (as 
> there is no war file) and create the war files within the geronimo build 
> structure.  Need to decide how to account for the jar files and whether 
> to regenerate the class files. This is really a lightweight fork :>)
> I prefer option 1 as it seems the most straightforward and keeps 
> Geronimo out of the business of maintaining tomcat examples.
> However, there is one small concern with this approach "There are a few 
> words on the Tomcat examples that may need to be tweaked since these 
> samples will run both with the Jetty and Tomcat web containers. 
> Specifically, "These examples will only work when these pages are being 
> served by a servlet engine; of course, we recommend Tomcat." AND
> "Please refer to the README file provide with this Tomcat release 
> regarding how to configure and start the provided web server."
> It seems crazy to fork the samples due to a few minor words of text.. 
> Perhaps our build can download the wars from ibiblio, crack them open 
> and perform a quick regexp to remove the offending lines.. (or we can 
> ask Tomcat to remove them).
> How do we approach Tomcat to get the wars placed in ibiblio?  Can anyone 
> help here?
> Thanks
> -Dave-

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