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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject [LONG] - Tomcat Examples in Geronimo - needed for v1
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 16:24:11 GMT
GERONIMO-1087 and GERONIMO-1088 JIRAs were opened to introduce the 
Tomcat examples into Geronimo.  I believe it is important to get these 
introduced into the distributions (as default samples) for v1.

There are a few different ways to approach this:

1) Ask Tomcat to create a war file for servlet-examples and jsp-examples 
and post it to
We pick up this dependency during our build and include it in the 
appropriate distributions.

2) We grab the exploded wars from the Tomcat binary (as there is no war 
file) and manually create the war files and place them in some 
repository where the geronimo build can find it.

3) We fork the tomcat source for these examples and build them within 
Geronimo.  AFAIK, Tomcat uses ANT to build.  Would need to massage this 
to work with maven accounting for the custom ant tasks and dependent jar 

4) We grab the exploded wars (not source) from the Tomcat binary (as 
there is no war file) and create the war files within the geronimo build 
structure.  Need to decide how to account for the jar files and whether 
to regenerate the class files. This is really a lightweight fork :>)

I prefer option 1 as it seems the most straightforward and keeps 
Geronimo out of the business of maintaining tomcat examples.

However, there is one small concern with this approach "There are a few 
words on the Tomcat examples that may need to be tweaked since these 
samples will run both with the Jetty and Tomcat web containers. 
Specifically, "These examples will only work when these pages are being 
served by a servlet engine; of course, we recommend Tomcat." AND
"Please refer to the README file provide with this Tomcat release 
regarding how to configure and start the provided web server."

It seems crazy to fork the samples due to a few minor words of text.. 
Perhaps our build can download the wars from ibiblio, crack them open 
and perform a quick regexp to remove the offending lines.. (or we can 
ask Tomcat to remove them).

How do we approach Tomcat to get the wars placed in ibiblio?  Can anyone 
help here?


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