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From Preben Thorø <>
Subject Re: Java Adventure Builder Reference 1.0.1 webapp deployed
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 10:03:17 GMT

I vaguely recall a similar problem trying to port AB to JBoss - I will 
try to dig into it.
Meanwhile, I hope our AB porting to the Trifork server can give you a 
few hints about where to go.
I have attached our deployment plans (ie. server specific deployment 
desc.) to this mail - they depend on a number of resources 
(jdbc/adventure/AdventureDB, jms/activity/QueueConnectionFactory, 
jms/lodging/QueueConnectionFactory, jms/airline/QueueConnectionFactory,  
jms/opc/QueueConnectionFactory, jms/activity/ActivityQueue, 
jms/lodging/LodgingQueue, jms/airline/AirlineQueue, 
jms/opc/WorkFlowMgrQueue,  jms/opc/CRMQueue, 
jms/opc/WebServiceBrokerQueue, jms/opc/OrderFillerQueue, 
mail/opc/MailSession, principal: guest/guest, principal: j2ee/j2ee)


Jacek Laskowski wrote:

> Arun Venugopal wrote:
>> Hi Jacek,
>> We tried to see if we can get Adventure builder to work on geronimo. 
>> We managed to get all the modules (ears) deployed. Currently we are 
>> dealing with an Axis fault (seems to be some sort of a url not found 
>> issue, we are yet to dig deep into it). We had an issue with "unknown 
>> primary key". We had to add a new primary key field (changed the EJB 
>> source to add getters and setters) and a key generator for solving 
>> it. Hopefully once we have resolved the axis fault we will have a 
>> fully working adventure builder.
> Hi Arun,
> Whow! That's excellent. Would you be able to share the plans so that I 
> won't waste my time (and those who await the app fully running) 
> figuring them out again? These mentioned issues seem very similar to 
> what were showing up during the Pet Store deployment endeavour and 
> hopefully two of us could achieve more working together than 
> separately(there're tons of issues to work out and personally I wish I 
> could finally take a look at the console).
> You could be able to see what's already available in the repository. 
> Just check out sandbox/adventurebuilder if you don't need the rest.
>> Arun
> Jacek

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