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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject ApahceCon is T-26 days (or there abouts) thoughts about branching?
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 21:04:55 GMT
We're getting fairly close to the time where Turkey's will dominate the week and 
  then soon thereafter folks will converge on San Diego California for ApacheCon.

Here is the working list of content and the status as best I can tell:

  - More console work
	Look and feel upgrades added.  Aaaron and Joe are continuing this effort.
  - Remote deployment
	Aaron has been working on this
  - Hot deploy directory
	I think this is done (tested ?)
  - Bundled JavaMail with SMTP support
	Hmmm...Geir was working this one I think
  - Separate Jetty and Tomcat ZIP/TAR distributions
	Jencks the maestro was working this one
  - A working installer distribution
	Jencks and Erik were looking at this
  - Bug fixes
	Not sure of the exact list.  I've been crawling through JIRAs and attacking the 
low hanging fruit
  - Unplanned but cool additions
	Jeff has been working on the Tomcat Clustering Gbeans and David was doing some 
initial testing.

Not sure about the timing.  Looks like we'll make ApacheCon based on current 
course and speed.  What's the right time to branch so we stabilize 1.0.  I 
expect there are some other items continuing in development.  My gut says we 
should branch no later than sometime next week and start TCK testing with the 
GBuild environment Blevins has been working on.



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