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From Dave Colasurdo <>
Subject Re: Shutdown scripts
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 20:48:29 GMT

Jeff Genender wrote:
> Dave Colasurdo wrote:
>> The shutdown scripts are a step forward in usability over manually 
>> killing the java process via CTL-C.  While quite simple, CTL-C does 
>> not seem very user friendly and should not be the default mechanism.
> I really don't believe there is a default mechanism, IMHO.  I think we 
> are offering multiple ways to do the same thing.  The CTRL-C would be 
> heavily used by developers.  The shutdown script could be used by people 
> using a daemon or backgrounding the server (which is easily done on both 
> Windows and *nix systems) or a remote server.  The console would/maybe 
> be used by mouse-clicking administrators.
> I would surely hope that in a prod environment one is not running the 
> server in a terminal window ;-)
>> However, it does seem strange that a user needs to open a new window 
>> to shutdown the server.   Seems like the initial startup command 
>> should return the  command prompt back to the user so that shutdown 
>> can be issued from the same window.  One way to accomplish this is to 
>> have the startup script launch a new window that controls the java 
>> process (and output the startup messages) while the initial prompt is 
>> returned to the user.  This would allow the shutdown to be issued from 
>> the initial window.
> For a developer (and me being selfish), running in a terminal window is 
> not strange and it seems to be the norm from a command line perspective, 
> rather than the exception.
> IMHO, ss a developer, sending the server into the background is not 
> appealing.  I think if one wants control over their terminal, they could 
> issue a (notice the ampersand) to background the process. 
> Quite possibly we could also add another script called 
> (or bat) that could so this as well.   We could 
> also create daemon scripts for the different platforms.  Wasn't there a 
> JIRA issue for an NT Service for Windows?  We could add init.d scripts 
> for Unix too.

I agree the current behavior is appropriate for a developer.  I was 
thinking more about end users. Similar to your suggestion, should we 
consider adding an option to the|bat script to put the 
process in background?  Actually, I'm wondering if the default behavior 
(|bat w/o any options) should be geared toward end users and 
would run the process in background.  And specifying the option 
(-foreground) would allow the process to be run in the current window 
for developers.

Of course, windows service and init.d are also useful.  I think both 
proposals are worth pursuing

Will look to see if there are current JIRAs open on these..

>> Also, if we ever support sharing one binary installation that can 
>> start multiple instances of geronimo (each with it's own unique 
>> configuration) then we will also likely need this behavior.
>> -Dave-

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