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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject How many web containers? was Re: [jira] Updated: (GERONIMO-1152) Connector portlet does not display all WebConnectors
Date Fri, 11 Nov 2005 15:31:27 GMT
Thanks for bringing this up Joe.  I was commenting on the usability of the page 
and not the issue of running two web containers.

This seems to be an issue that we've discussed many times and I'm not sure we 
came to a conclusion that we all agree to; which would help folks like Vams who 
is working to improve G but possibly in an area that we won't include.  With that...

Here's how I see the problem.  We want to offer choice for users so that they 
can choose the web container of their choice for use in Geronimo.  We also want 
to make development and innovation be unhindered so having two web containers 
would make sense for some developers.  We also have a set of developers and 
users that aren't too concerned about the web container choice because they are 
working in different areas of Geronimo.  I think that covers the users.

We also have three basic release mechanisms.

1. Daily builds
2. Milestones
3. Version / point releases

I think for the daily builds / development environment having both containers in 
place makes sense so one can easily move from one to another.

Milestones are more of a finished release in that they encapsulate a set of 
feature / function / maintenance and the target for these are really users 
rather than developers.  People consuming these releases are, for the most part, 
going to pick one web container and are not likely to want to change.

Version / point releases are pretty much like milestones in terms of the user 

What makes sense to me is that what we have now for daily builds / development 
is fine.  It meets all our needs and works.  The issue is what about milestones 
and releases?  The real question is how do we want to deliver them?  Single 
tarball downloads that are preconfigured or use the installer?

How about for milestones and versions we agree that the delivery mechanism is 
teh installer and it will allow the user to choose the web container of their 
choice and only install the required components for that configuration.  This 
provides a nice and neat package for users and is consumable.  We could also 
provide a single tarball / unzip type of option that is just like the daily 
builds and we make the assumption that people that choose this option understand 
that they want this configuration and will work within it.

So, to sum up, for 1.0 we have 2 deliver mechanisms: the installers and a single 
tarball download.

I'm presenting more of the user perspective and hopefully we can achieve this 
technically :)


Joe Bohn wrote:
> Is this patch adding the ability to add/display tomcat web connectors 
> from a Web Console that is managing Jetty?  If so, then I'm not sure we 
> want to add this capability just yet.  The entire console needs to be 
> reworked if we decide to support multiple containers simultaneously from 
> a single console.
> We will probably want this at some point in time so we should not lose 
> it.  But I'm concerned that adding it now might just cause confusion for 
> the user.  It would be one of the only portlets addressing management of 
>  more than one container.  Most other portlets that work with the web 
> container only interact with the container that is hosting the console 
> application itself.
> Also, nobody has come up with a scenario where a user would want to run 
> two web containers.  If we do include this then we should at least 
> ensure that the option to add tomcat connectors is not present for a 
> jetty only configuration and vice-versa (not sure if the patch does this).
> Nice work but it might be a little ahead of its time.
> Joe
> Vamsavardhana Reddy (JIRA) wrote:
>>      [ ]
>> Vamsavardhana Reddy updated GERONIMO-1152:
>> ------------------------------------------
>>     Attachment: connector-moreformbuttons.patch
>> connector-moreformbuttons.patch:  As suggested by Matt, I have added 
>> "Reset", "Clear" and "Cancel" buttons to the forms for editing HTTP 
>> and HTTPS configurations.
>>> Connector portlet does not display all WebConnectors
>>> ----------------------------------------------------
>>>         Key: GERONIMO-1152
>>>         URL:
>>>     Project: Geronimo
>>>        Type: Bug
>>>  Components: console
>>>    Versions: 1.0-M5
>>> Environment: Win XP, Sun JDK 1.4.2_08
>>>    Reporter: Vamsavardhana Reddy
>>> Attachments: connector-moreformbuttons.patch, 
>>> connector-withdeleteconfirmation.patch, connector.patch
>>> Under WebServer management page, Connector portlet displays only 
>>> jetty web connectors and provides links to add only jetty 
>>> connectors.  It does not display tomcat web connectors nor does it 
>>> provide links to add tomcat connectors.

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