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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: [consolidation] next steps?
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 10:23:24 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

>This is one of the requirements of incubation, so it will be taken
>care of there - 
can you clarify this.

are you saying that these licensing constraints do not apply in the 
incubator - that we just dump all our code in there, no matter what, 
provided that licensing issues are resolved before promotion out of it ?

>but it's good for those communities to be aware of it
>when making their decision.
>The GPL doc you refer to is actually about the combining of ASL and
>GPL works being possible at all, regardless of the requirements here.
>The following are some guidelines, though it'd be best to consider
>individual cases on legal-discuss@ which will have to happen during
>As for what you can depend on/include as an ASF project, GPL is not
>possible because it affects the license of the whole.
please clarify 'depend on/include' - by this do you mean 'physically 
package together with your binary distribution' or 'import at compile 
time, into classes that are shipped in the binary distribution'.

> LGPL may be
>possible, but only if optional and not distributed with the
so it is OK to 'import' LGPL code at compile time, as long as you don't 
ship it ?

> There is ongoing discussion around this.
so it may not actually be OK :-) ?

>The key point is that the ASF retain its ability to distribute
>software that doesn't have conditions beyond those in the ASL (yes,
>there are some exceptions out there).
thanks for helping with this.


>On 11/9/05, Bruce Snyder <> wrote:
>>Even beyond the requirements of incubation, there exists a whole host
>>of issues surrounding the use of code with a license other than AL. I
>>know that ServiceMix  and WADI integrate such code. So how is this to
>>be sorted out? For example, I know that the ASF has a long-standing
>>policy on the use of GPL compatibility:
>>In addition to the whole GPL can of worms, how about the TranQL
>>requirement for Oracle and DB2 JDBC drivers?

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