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From "David H. DeWolf" <>
Subject Re: m2: flushing out our dependencies
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 03:23:09 GMT
Sure.  I'm willing to help out.

To start with can you provide a breif intro to your progress so far. 
I've taken a look at gbuild in svn 
( and don't see a pom 
or any traces of m2 migration. I've also looked and can't find any branches.

It appears as though there is a pom in the trunk. Is that also 
considered gbuild?  Sorry for my ignorance!



David Blevins wrote:
> So it's become pretty clear to me after trying to use m2 in gbuild  with 
> a dependency on activemq that we have quite a lot of work ahead  of us 
> flushing out valid pom.xml files for all our dependencies and  our 
> dependency's dependencies.  I had always assumed the largest  barrier to 
> entry on m2 was the plugins, but the dependency-war is  proving to be a 
> huge battle.
> At first blush, it's clear we have dependencies that aren't in the m2  
> repo and dependencies that are in the repo but with bad pom.xml  files.  
> It's going to be a lot of work to get a list of what needs to  be taken 
> care of in regards to dependencies (what's missing, what's  bad) and 
> even more work to fix each one and it's downstream  dependencies.
> I personally don't have time to deal with it, but am posting as it's  a 
> huge issue we should be looking at and am really hoping some people  
> (committer or not) will pop up and volunteer to help.
> Again, there is little advantage to being a Geronimo committer for  this 
> task as the bulk of the work is flushing out dependencies which  are all 
> external by nature.  A sense of adventure, spare time, and  willingness 
> to go knock on the doors of other projects on behalf of  Geronimo is all 
> you need.
> Any volunteers?  The more the better.  It'd be nice if someone could  
> put together a list and divide the work up.
> -David

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