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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: Netbeans integration and tooling
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 14:20:29 GMT
Dustin Little wrote:
> As a user I think it would make the most sense to distribute it as part
> of the serverplugins module just like its weblogic, jboss and websphere
> counterparts. Also once the plugin is included in the netbeans release
> its presence might generate additional interest in geronimo and inspire
> more converts... I mean users. What was the reason for the eclipse
> plugin being moved to g?
Several reasons.  The existing eclipse server adapters that are part of 
eclipse serve primarily as a showcase for server support that provide 
examples and basic function. None
of those adapters rely on the their associated runtimes itself thus 
making it extremely lightweight and ideal for packaging within WTP.   
Adapters that are being
planned to me more full-fledged and have a direct dependency on its 
runtime, such as the case for Geronimo, need to be hosted externally.

There is work being done as we speak to allow better integration between 
Eclipse WTP and external adapters so that users do not have to know 
about those other  runtime types and
they have the ability to dynamically install these plugins as WTP will 
already know about them.

The same thing will be done with the server itself, an eclipse user will 
not have to go to Apache to install the server.  This can be done 
automatically whenever a "new sever" is defined within eclipse.

Regarding the complexity of the extensibility of Eclipse/WTP.  Yes I 
agree its more complicated, however almost every aspect of Eclipse and 
WTP is extensible and unfortunately this can lead to some complexity 
within their APIs.  I think once WTP 1.0 is released along with a good 
set of documentation it will receive much positive feedback.  Its always 
frustrating trying to develop a product that requires another product 
which is in development stage as well.  :)

> I have begun some preliminary work. I have a pretty good handle on
> netbeans and openide apis as I have several yet unreleased plugins,
> however I am new to g. The bulk of the g logic seems to revolve around
> the DeploymentManager implementation. Almost everything else is netbeans
> specific, correct me if I'm wrong. 
> On Mon, 2005-11-07 at 23:35 +0100, Jacek Laskowski wrote:
>> Dustin Little wrote:
>>> Has anyone begun work on integration and tooling for Netbeans IDE?
>> I had once developed some Geronimo support and before it had been 
>> submitted to the serverplugins module of NetBeans IDE, I unexpectedly 
>> wiped out all of the sources. You can't even imagine what happened 
>> afterwards. It was just before NetBeans IDE 4.2 went public.
>> If you wanted to start it again, I could help you with the API. It is 
>> not that hard as it seems. I even think it is much easier than as you 
>> had to do it in Eclipse (sorry Sachin ;)).
>> Please, please do it. Although it has a little chance to be included in 
>> NB 5.0, it could be distributed as NBM.
>> The question I could not answer myself was when the development should 
>> take place - here in Geronimo or serverplugins project? If it's part of 
>> serverplugins module, it would be distributed along with weblogic, jboss 
>> and websphere modules. Otherwise, people had to download it separately. 
>> What do you and others think?
>> Jacek

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