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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject 1.0 Feature List - Input Requested
Date Mon, 07 Nov 2005 13:52:13 GMT
I saw the Virtuas announcement last week based on their Geronimo support.  Very 
nice.  One thing that caught my eye on their web site was 36 days to ApacheCon. 
  It made me realize that in order to make 1.0 we only have 30 something days to 
make it.  With CTS and Thanksgiving in between there is not a lot of time to get 
all the things done we want.

Here is a list of items that have been going around on the list and wanted to 
get people's feedback in terms of what has to be there for 1.0 and my initial 
SWAG as to the importance.  Please feel free to comment / change the items below .

Console patches and UI updates   (example User & Group Mgt for console).
Gbean for Tomcat for clustering (Jeff G)
WADI integration (tech preview possibly, not required)
Directory restructure (will be done after TCK is verified... we want to control 
the number of changes)
LDAP Apache Directory (using Tomcat)
Debug Console
Remote Deploy
Install - maven update needed
Hot Deploy (file based)   (Jacek)
Packaging changes (Maven respository)  wait for Dave J.  Dain indicated that 
maven code won't make 1.0.

In addition to that there are a number of JIRAs out there as well.  I noticed a 
lot of activity in getting them closed so that is excellent.  I'll finish 
adjusting the fix version today to 1.0, 1.1 and 1.x.  Once that's complete and 
we agree on the JIRAs, features, etc. we can see where we'll land.

My apologies for being behind on this.



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