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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Binary images for Geronimo 1.0?
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 23:30:00 GMT
I think that until we have the "ideal" solution we will just be 
confusing our users and causing them grief.

While the "change on the fly" option is great for developers (esp. 
developers of Geronimo itself :-) ), it isn't so good for the typical 
user.   Users who are using Geronimo to host their business applications 
won't understand why "jetty" appears in the list of configurations when 
I installed a "tomcat" only server.

It also provides enough rope for some users to hang themselves ... 
changing from one server to the other only to discover that they web 
apps they had previously deployed are no longer functional.


Heinz Drews wrote:
> I would see the "mininum" as the ideal solution and the other as a
> less preferrable.
> Assuming that somebody starts with using Jetty and then finding that
> Tomcat would have been the bettter choice it would be easier just to
> change the configuration than to perform a complete re-install.
> Just as a not counting opinion.
> Best regards,
> Heinz
> On 11/5/05, Aaron Mulder <> wrote:
>>I agree completely (your ideal is also my ideal, and your minimum is
>>my preferred "worst case" as well).
>>WRT the documentation, there are really no noticable differences
>>between Tomcat and Jetty until you get far beyond the level of
>>documentation we include in a release, so I don't think this will be a
>>big issue.
>>    Aaron
>>On 11/4/05, Dain Sundstrom <> wrote:
>>>With Geronimo 1.0 quickly approaching, I think we should talk about
>>>how we would like to package the binaries for release.  This has
>>>downstream impact on tck testing, and since I'm working on the TCK
>>>build right now, I'd like to know what we are going to need to test.
>>>So to get the discussion going, this is what I think would be ideal
>>>and what we need at the minimum:
>>>geronimo-installer: The user can choose between Tomcat and Jetty.
>>>Only the resources for the web server they choose are installed.
>>>geronimo-tomcat.(zip | tgz):  Contains a Tomcat only version of
>>>Geronimo with no Jetty resources.
>>>geronimo-jetty.(zip | tgz):  Contains a Jetty only version of
>>>Geronimo with no unnecessary Tomcat resources.
>>>geronimo-installer: The user can choose between Tomcat and Jetty.
>>>Resources are installed for both, and the installer just sets the
>>>chosen web server to boot by default.
>>>geronimo-tomcat.(zip | tgz):  Contains a full image of Geronimo with
>>>both Tomcat and Jetty resources, but only Tomcat will start by default.
>>>geronimo-jetty.(zip | tgz):  Contains a full image of Geronimo with
>>>both Tomcat and Jetty resources, but only Jetty will start by default.
>>>What do you think?

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