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From Erin Mulder <>
Subject Re: Logo Request
Date Sat, 05 Nov 2005 01:57:05 GMT
Epiq Geronimo Team wrote:
> Yes, the G box and the Apache text are slightly off center.  I think the
> box is lined up with the Apache text and the left side of the R in
> geronimo and the left part of the M.  If you guys like, we can move it
> (and the Apache text slightly to the right) to make this look more
> centered.

Cutting out a bit of the center of the M (e.g. having the point not go
all the way to the baseline) would let you center the whole logo without
messing up the R alignment.  I even like the M better that way.  Seems
more proportional to everything else.

Here's a rough example of what I'm talking about.  (It's not perfectly
centered and doesn't line up quite right, but it gets the general idea

The downside is that the logo would have to be converted to curves
instead of text, but I'm not sure that makes a big difference.  Shrug.


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