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From Calvin Austin <>
Subject Re: Single download, setup and build.
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 16:05:55 GMT
There was a discussion earlier on the alias on what Geronimo could or 
couldn't do with the JDK and other Sun libraries. You can actually do 
more than most people think, but anyway for a developer using Java 
already making them download another JDK is overkill.


Barry van Someren wrote:

>We could not ship the SDK (which is required to build the code) but we
>could in theory ship the others.
>You'd still need to worry about integrating them into the OS though,
>so I'd suggest we just keep pointing the users to instructions for
>CVS, SVN and Maven.
>It's a pain to set up, but most developers will either already have it
>or will know how to install it (with or without the instructions)
>Once you have everything setup, G is one of the easiest environments
>to work with.
>On 11/2/05, Sachin Patel <> wrote:
>>-1 from me.  I could possibly understand the JDK, but definatley not
>>svn, maven, and CVS.
>>Prasad Kashyap wrote:
>>>This may be slightly related to Hernan's wiki thread but since we were
>>>talking about G for the impatient and a newbie manual, thought I'd ask this.
>>>Dave Klavon was talking about a single download and setup of all
>>>prereqs and G source, and build it too. I liked that idea and think that
>>>would be really nice. I even put together a package with basic scripts
>>>for that.
>>>However, now I am beginning to wonder if it is legal/permissible for us
>>>to "/ship/"  JDK, svn, maven and CVS in this single package ?
>>>Comments ?

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