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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: How to identify a JIRA with a patch.
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 22:31:20 GMT

David Blevins wrote:
> On Nov 1, 2005, at 2:04 PM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>> Is there any way to get a view of JIRAs that have files(patches)  
>> attached?
>> If not, can we begin some kind of convention?  I noticed that some  
>> folks have added (Patch) to the start of the title for a few  JIRAs.  
>> Do you think that would be helpful?
>> I image it must be a pain for the committers to get a view of the  
>> available patches.
>> Any other suggestions?  Anybody how other projects manage this?
> This just occurred to me, but I wonder if we couldn't add a "patch"  
> custom field, which would be even better than knowing which jira  items 
> have files attached (as that's not even possible anyway).
> Assuming everyone used it, it would be really easy to find and report  
> them then.
> Not exactly sure how custom fields work in JIRA, but I just noticed  it 
> glancing through the docs just now ( 
> software/jira/docs/v3.3.2/customfields/overview.html)
> -David

It would be awesome if we could get a custom field. Would this be 
something that we would have to work with the infrastructure folks to 
get implemented?

Can we agree upon a poor man's version in the meantime by altering the 
title or something else that we could see plainly in the reports?


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