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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: globalJNDINAME & global-jndi-name
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 20:08:52 GMT

On Nov 2, 2005, at 11:54 AM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> On Nov 2, 2005, at 11:38 AM, David Jencks wrote:
>> On Nov 2, 2005, at 10:59 AM, Joe Bohn wrote:
>>> It looks like there used to be an attribute (globalJNDIName) once 
>>> that was set on the GBeans for objects like connectors.  This would 
>>> be specified in the plan for the connector using the 
>>> <global-jndi-name> element.  This name was supposed to be globally 
>>> unique in G so that the item (connector or whatever) could be 
>>> referenced from client applications.
>>> We have several places in the web console that are broken now 
>>> because the code assumes this is set on the gbeans to display for a 
>>> connector and/or to specify it when a new connector is created.
>>> I really don't know much about connectors.  Was the globalJNDName 
>>> replaced by something else that we should reference?
>> no, it was removed as a bad idea/implementation
> Um we need a replacement for this.  There are a lot of appliation out 
> there that assume there is a global JNDI avaiable and that they can 
> look up JDBC connections from global JNDI.

Is there an app server independent jndi location they can look up their 
non-portable resource at?  What is it?  The location we were using 
(geronimo:any/place/you/want) was certainly not available on any other 
app server.  If they have to change the location for each app server 
anyway, why not have them look it up in the portable java:comp/env 
location and use a name geronimo can resolve without a plan entry?

david jencks

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