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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Log Levels (INFO -> DEBUG)
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 18:59:46 GMT
+1 a review of the log messages would be great

When we add natural language support, it will be a lot easier of the  
INFO+ messages are clean.

BTW, I suggest should you use log channels to divide the messages  
into the categories you listed below.  This will make it easy for an  
admin to turn off the garbage they are not interested in.


On Nov 9, 2005, at 10:14 PM, Aaron Mulder wrote:

> I'd like to create a log level for "major events that the user should
> know about that are not bad", such as a deployment.  They don't fit
> into WARN or higher because they're not bad.  But I don't want them to
> get lost in the noise that is currently our INFO.  Still, it seems
> like creating a new log level is not necessarily the way to go.  (At
> the moment I'm using System.out because that shows up even though our
> default log level is WARN, but then it doesn't go into the server
> log.)
> How would people feel if I make a concerted effort to change INFO
> messages to DEBUG unless they are totally not predictable (not regular
> startup or shutdown procedure, for example) and are relevant to the
> end user (different than "relevent to the Geronimo developer")?  Then
> I would change our default console log level to INFO.  So the only
> INFO events I can think of (though there may be more once we start
> evaluating them in detail) would be:
>  - server started
>  - a deployment operation completed successfully
>  - a configuration was started/stopped (really a subset of deployment
> operations)
> Thanks,
>     Aaron

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