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From Erik Daughtrey <>
Subject Re: The Installer
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:46:42 GMT
Hey David,  I'll start working on these items.


 On Wednesday 16 November 2005 03:24, David Jencks wrote:
> It would be good if we could get the installer working well for 1.0.
> Here are some of the things I think need to happen.
> 1. The necessary izpack jars need to get into some maven repo,
> preferably a public one such as ibiblio.  They might be on there way
> there already, otherwise we should figure out which jars are needed and
> file an upload request.
> 2. Installer building should occur in its own module in assemblies.  It
> would be best if the installer can be built using a maven plugin, but
> if that seems impractical we can use a bunch of jelly for now.  There
> is an izpack plugin but I think it is maven 2 only (??).
> 3. The installer currently has a page where you check the major
> features you want, and on the following pages you configure them.  This
> seems like a basically acceptable paradigm to me, but there is a
> problem in that all the "following pages" display even if they are
> empty.  I've been told that moving the <createForPack> element out  one
> level to the panel element will fix this.
> 4. The installer currently works by installing everything in a full
> geronimo install, and not starting the pieces you don't want.  This is
> rather unsatisfactory unless you sell disk space.  The geronimo
> assembly is moving to use of the packaging and assembly plugins, and we
> can leverage that with the installer.  What I am thinking of is
> including a maven repository inside  the installer jar that includes
> everything from a full geronimo install with everything, including all
> the .car files for the configurations.  Then  we can imitate or use the
> assembly plugin to copy the configuration dependencies into the install
> target and install the actual configurations.
> 5.  We should find a way to check that no port conflicts have been
> configured.
> 6. We need to construct a config.xml file for the target install.  This
> could be done by adding bits associated with each configuration, or by
> removing chunks from a "universal" config.xml for the configurations we
> didnt' install.
> 7.  Somewhat similarly, we need to include the schema files (for human
> reference, they aren't used by geronimo) for the bits that are included
> in the install target.  This should proceed by fixing the xmlbeans
> plugin to put schemas in the same place the xmlbeans ant task does, and
> by extracting all such schemas from our dependencies.  This needs to be
> added to the assembly plugin: it is not installer specific.
> There's probably more to do, but this is what I've thought of so far.
> thanks
> david jencks




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