Rodent of Unusual Size wrote, On 10/29/2005 1:57 PM:
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Matt Hogstrom wrote:
I love an e-mail that elicites opinions :)

Ok, I give.  I personally hate typing and was looking for an alternative
for folks.  Sounds like there is moderate interest and strong disdain so
I'll withdraw the proposal.

I think I was the only one strongly opposed, and I was
expressing my opinion based on experience.  Anything that
excludes people as a matter of principle isn't good.  I
think making it an institutional thing is a really bad
idea.  If everyone else thinks it's grand, go ahead --
but review occasionally to make sure everyone still
feels that way as new people join the list. :-)
You are not the only one who is strongly opposed.  I also am opposed to this.  (sorry about the tardy reply, we're in the process of moving)