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Subject Re: xdoclet
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 13:10:46 GMT
Hi Sachin,

If you could help out that would be great as I probably won't have a lot 
of time over the next few weeks to work on this.

I was initially thinking about automating the download of the xdoclet code 
and invoking the ant build of xdoclet as a first step to get things 
moving...  But I didn't view this as a long term solution.

If you download Xdoclet 1.2.2 source and build the geronimo module, you 
end up with a xdoclet-geronimo-module-1.2.2.jar file in target/lib. 

Some issues\questions that need to be investigated:

 * Is the generated xdoclet-geronimo-module-1.2.2.jar compatible with 
previous versions or future versions of XDoclet?

* How do we version it?  The plan was (at least until Geronimo stabilises) 
to have the Geronimo XDoclet module developed (and versioned) independent 
of the XDoclet project.

* Does XDoclet 1.2.2 only look for modules with a 1.2.2 version number in 
their names?

* What happens if Eclipse moves to a newer XDoclet release in the future? 
Will we be supporting multiple versions of Eclipse in the future?

* Can the eclipse auto update facility install the appropriate geronimo 
Xdoclet module?

* Need to identify the files that are used in the Ant build of an Xdoclet 
module and determine whether we can develop a maven equivalent.

I noticed that there has been brief discussion of on the Xdoclet-devel 
list of splitting the hibernate module from the main release.  I would 
imaging they would have to resolve similar issues we are facing.

Sorry,  I have probably given you more questions than answers.


Sachin Patel <> wrote on 16/10/2005 11:37:11 PM:

> John S., 
> Were you planning to mavenize the xdoclet stuff in the sandbox?  I 
> noticed in your comments that building the module requires the xdoclet 
> source, as well as for the geronimo module to be placed inside the xdoc 
> install dir.  Did you have any ideas on how to avoid needing to do this? 

> If you don't have time, I'll be glad to help out on this.  I'm hoping to 

> integrate this stuff into the Eclipse plugin and WTP.
> Sachin.

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