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Subject New Feature Idea
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 14:37:37 GMT


I'm one of the individual members of the EJB 3.0 Expert Group (JSR220).

I looked the Geronimo roadmap for maybe contributing to the
But as I have seen there's no EJB 3.0 on the feature list. ;-))

So, as you stated on the Geronimo Web Site...
>>If you would like to contribute to Geronimo, please see the roadmap list
>>find areas where you can contribute. If there is nothing in there that
>>your interest, but you still have ideas, please feel free to suggest them
on the mailing list.

here's my suggestion: How about building an EJB 3.0 Container like JBoss or
Oracle already do?

>From many session and talks I had, I know, that EJB 3.0 is strongly
demanded by the community because of the new light weight programming model
(POJOs, POJI)...


Oliver Ihns
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Enterprise Application Architecture

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