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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Reaching out
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 19:54:33 GMT
Hi all,

I don't think you know this, but there is an impression within Apache  
that the Geronimo committers are a bit too insular.  I know we all  
have good reasons why we have not been involved more in the  
foundation, like working 18 hour days to get Geronimo finished and  
certified, and helping with the million other projects you are all  
involved at Apache and around the net, but I think we should start to  
get more involved in the Apache foundation itself.  I suggest that  
all of the Geronimo committers take a few minutes to subscribe to the mailing list, and if you have time to help (infrastructure also has an irc channel on  
freenode #asfinfra).

Now the tricky part... you can only subscribe to these lists by  
sending mail from your Apache email address.  Instead of just sending  
an email to ${list} you send it to ${list}- 
subscribe-${apache_user_name}  For example if  
we wanted to subscribe to,  
you would send an email to:

A minute or two after sending the subscription request you will  
receive an email from ${list} which will give you  
instructions on how to confirm your subscription.  To confirm the  
subscription simply reply to that email.  At this point you must wait  
for a list moderator to approve your subscription (this normally  
happens within 24 hours).

Other mailing lists of interest are: - java community process (This one is the most  
important for us) - public relations committee - for all of us that love lawyers :)

A little bit of your time helping with the foundation can make a big  
difference, and will help Geronimo's reputation in Apache.



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