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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: gbuild subproject?
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 13:27:01 GMT
On 10/28/05, David Blevins <> wrote:
> What do you guys think about a gbuild subproject?
> I'd really like at least a category in jira and at least a spot in
> svn where we can check in scripts and docco.  We could move the
> scripts directory I created months back into it and work on cleaning
> and organizing this stuff.  I guess I'd really like to start
> formalizing this thing so that when someone wants to throw a box in
> the mix the standard answer could be something like check out these
> things from svn, follow these instructions, send us your keys, etc.
> I know there are non-geronimo specific facets (openejb, activemq
> building code, etc) which could make it odd as a subproject.  But
> those complexities are there in our build anyway and Geronimo is the
> primary focus, so it might be better go keep things close to home.
> Thoughts?

A very good idea. Being able to tell someone to check out a project
from SVN is a great way to ramp up a box in the farm.


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