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From Bruce Snyder <>
Subject Re: Poll...1.0 for Apache Con - Feature request
Date Thu, 13 Oct 2005 22:20:24 GMT
On 10/13/05, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:

> I sent an e-mail out about a week ago on what people thought about getting
> Geronimo 1.0 out for Apache Con coming up in December.  I've heard back from a
> few folks and the feedback has been generally positive.  There are a lot of
> things we'd like to get done in terms of new feature / function and if we wait
> until Geronimo is complete with all the cool stuff it will be a while before we
> cut a 1.0 branch.
> I think it would be sweet to finish this year out by saying we hit a 1.0 release
> and Apache Con seems to be a good point to make the announcement.  So the
> question is what do we need to get done to say 1.0 is ready?
> So to kick off the discussion here we go ...
> I included a brief calender below of the time we have between now and Apache Con
> to try and figure out how much gas there was to get things done.  I figure we
> have a little over 3 weeks to get our work done before we cut a branch and start
> testing / verifying it.  I assumed that Thanksgiving week would be a bust for
> most people so I took it out of the available time.  That leaves about three
> weeks for CTS testing and resolving issues.  Thoughts on whether this makes any
> sense or not?  I wrote my thoughts on what I figured was important for us in
> terms of users accepting the server and using it.  Not sure how to get these
> things done and I expect I'm missing a ton of things.
> Let the adventure begin...
> Feature list for 1.0
> Console - focus on ensuring console is functional
> Statement cache in TranQL - Improve JDBC performance
> Installer for Geronimo (allow for selection of Web Container :)
> Performance testing and fixes
> Testing for stability
> Usability (testing deploy of apps and customer experience)
> DayTrader face lift and documentation

What's the status of the interop/ORB stuff?

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