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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: Giving back:
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 23:44:05 GMT
On Oct 26, 2005, at 2:11 AM, Barry van Someren wrote:

> Wow, awesome!
> Thanks to all involved in bringing this new infrastructure.

A big "you're welcome" and a modest "no problem" followed by a heart- 
felt "my pleasure" :)

> So are we going to have continious builds of Geronimo using this?

Yes, indeed.  Geronimo and the whole gang.

> We use them over at where I work and they help a lot by constantly
> reporting the results of changes made to the codebase during the day.
> The builds are very fast too when looking at the start/end times :-)

I've cobbled bash scripts over the last two years to do some of this  
kind of thing, but those were just band-aids, this is the real deal.   
I'm really really excited we have it.  Plenty of room for more fun  
things too!

I highly encourage people to get involved in the Continuum project,  
which is a subproject of Apache Maven.  They are begging for some  
excited people to come over and join in the fun.  (http://

I think it would be really cool to replace Continuum's internal build  
queue with a distributed queue and be able to schedule builds to  
machines all over the network running different OSs on various  
processors and VMs.  I took a brief look and it doesn't actually seem  
like it's that hard.


> Regards,
> Barry
> On 10/26/05, David Blevins <> wrote:
>> Since testing/building is a really hard thing in Geronimo and the
>> large community of projects surrounding it, Dain and I decided it was
>> time to take action and put our own $$ on the table to help.
>> Projects like Geronimo, OpenEJB and ActiveMQ have provided us with so
>> much opportunity, we saw this as a way to give back on a very
>> personal level.  We went out and purchased four servers on our own
>> dime that we are dedicating to all the projects that comprise
>> Geronimo.  The focus is on providing the large community of
>> committers on the various projects the resources to test and build
>> and keep the Geronimo ecosystem running.
>> We hope these four machines will be the start of something bigger.
>> When I close my eyes and think big, I see a large federation
>> consisting of smaller groups of machines from individuals and
>> companies sharing some common building/testing infrastructure, open
>> to and co-maintained by members of the community projects, building
>> all our code all the time and testing it on every variety of OS, VM
>> and Database imaginable....
>> We're not there yet.  Baby steps.  To date I've written a lot of
>> scripts to do builds, nightly tests with 6 MB emails that tick people
>> off, unstable builds, official releases, publish jars ... you name
>> it.  Keeping that kind of stuff running a real trick.  Other people
>> have cobbled up some stuff for themselves as well.  For the immediate
>> time-frame, I hope that we can at least use these machines to keep
>> our various projects built on a regular basis with jars published
>> using tools we setup and maintain as a community.  We sure need it,
>> releases are too painful.
>> With that said, meet the family:
>> Stan and Kenny are mine, Kyle and Cartman are Dain's.  I picked the
>> domain cause it sounded fun and the machine names for the same
>> reason.  All four boxes are Pentium Dual Core 830s (3.0GHz/2X1MB
>> Cache, 800MHz FSB), with 2GB RAM and 80GB drives.  Accounts available
>> to committers of Geronimo, OpenEJB, ActiveMQ, ActiveIO and other
>> Geronimo-related projects upon request.
>> I've setup a Continuum install and have some of the projects running
>> in it now:
>> Huge thanks are in order:
>>     - Dain Sundstrom for not even flinching when the idea when from
>> "hey lets buy a box" to "hey let's buy four boxes."
>>     - Simula Labs ( for donating hosting
>> for the four boxes.
>>     - Mergere ( for helping me setup
>> Continuum to run our builds.
>> Immediate needs:
>>     - Some help setting up LDAP for user/group accounts across the
>> four boxes.
>>     - Help adding more projects to continuum
>>     - Help converting existing projects in continuum to not be "shell
>> projects" in continuum's eyes.
>>     - Help getting an unstable build script going again.
>>     - Converting anything bash-like to jelly or something m2  
>> supported.
>>     - More boxes?
>>     - Anything you can think of....
>> -David

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