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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Samples
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 18:30:32 GMT
On Oct 11, 2005, at 8:23 AM, Dave Colasurdo wrote:

> Is there anybody out there?  Also, one additional update below..

I've been on a lot of airplanes lately...

> Dave Colasurdo wrote:
>> I believe the community needs to settle on how Samples will be  
>> organized within Geronimo..
>> I've taken a stab at a few of the issues and have offered my  
>> suggestions on how to resolve.
>> 1) Where in the geronimo source tree will samples reside?
>> The directory tree:  geronimo/applications/samples should contain  
>> (demo, magicGball, DayTrader, etc.).  This separates the samples  
>> from other geronimo applications (e.g. jmxdebug, uddi-server,  
>> welcome).


>> 2) Will the samples (or a subset of samples) exist in the binary  
>> download images?
>> Yes, have a small, simple web application available as part of the  
>> binary download image (perhaps demo or magicGball).  This will  
>> provide a good first time experience for new users.  An  
>> experienced user can easily remove this sample from the binary  
>> before embedding in a separate project/product.


>> 3) Should there be a separately downloadable set of additional  
>> samples that can be easily installed and run on Geronimo?
>> Yes, Have an additional downloadable package of samples available  
>> that can be easily installed and run on geronimo.

I think we should have one small example covering the normal feature  
(i.e., not corba) ship with the server, and have more samples  
available for download (maybe as tutorials).

>> 4) Will the samples exist as selective choices in the downloadable  
>> installer images?
>> Yes, the geronimo installer will provide a selectable choice for a  
>> small simple web application.  I believe the installer is already  
>> doing this.


>> 5) How will the samples be surfaced to the users?
>> The small simple web application(s) will be predeployed in the  
>> binary image and selectable as an option in the installer binary.
>> The Geronimo Welcome Page will contain links to these samples.   
>> The Welcome page will also contain a link that points to the  
>> download site which contains the additional samples and  
>> documentation/scripts for installing these additional samples.


>> 6) What samples should we make available in the binary and  
>> installer download image?
>> The default samples in the binary and installer should be Demo  
>> (and possibly  magicGball).
> Hmmmm. After looking at Demo. not too sure it is the best choice..  
> MagicGball does seems a bit better though doesn't really  
> demonstrate the technology (at least not directly in your face).   
> Tomcat has done a good job in this space with servlets-examples and  
> jsp-examples.. They show some of the J2EE concepts and provide an  
> easy way to look at the source from the browser.

Good point.  Do you want to take a crack at creating some better  

>> 7) What samples should be available as a separate download?
>> -Existing Tomcat Samples (Servlet Examples, JSP Examples)... These  
>> appear to work on Geronimo (w/ Jetty) with one minor change
>> -Day Trader (currently in sandbox)
>> -Petstore (currently in sandbox)
>> -Migration samples (currently under discussion on the devlist)
>> -Any other sample that can be used to showcase the geronimo  
>> functionality.. Lets add to this list..
>> -Didn't someone else donate some samples awhile back?


>> 7) What else is needed?
>> Each additional sample should have documentation and possibly  
>> simple scripts and plans to setup the environment (e.g. datasource).
>> Also, consider adding the source code to the sample.  This can be  
>> quite useful for users.  Tomcat (Servlet and JSP examples)have  
>> provided the source as part of their samples.

I suggest a wiki page for each sample, so users can easily share  
their experiences.


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