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From Aaron Mulder <>
Subject Re: Remote Deployment
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 12:53:37 GMT
On 10/30/05, Matt Hogstrom <> wrote:
> Are you referring to the situation when multiple Web Containers are running in
> the server and the console is running in only one of them?  Is this a scenario
> that you've seen users requesting?  I think more than one web container in a
> user deployment (apart from server development) is an unlikely scenario.  I'm
> open to it but I haven't seen any demand for it so I'm trying to understand the
> demand.

Forget about multiple web containers.  The issue is, I know there's a
servlet o.a.g.RemoteDeployerServlet running in some web app in
Geronimo.  What is the URL to contact it?  To start with, you need to
determine which web application it's in (since we already use
different names for the console for Jetty/Tomcat you can't just
hardcode a name), and then you need to determine what the URL is to
access that web application, which means inspecting its list of


> Aaron Mulder wrote:
> > So I think the strategy for remote deployment is to create a servlet
> > to accept file uploads, so we can stream the application/module
> > archive to the servlet and it will save it to the server filesystem,
> > and then we can issue the normal commands where the server expects the
> > files to be on the local filesystem.
> >
> > The only question then is how the deploy tool should locate the servlet.
> >
> > We now have the capability to construct an accurate URL to a web
> > application (no matter how many containers are running).  I assume
> > we'd put this servlet in the console web app for now, rather than
> > create a whole new web app just for supporting remote deployment.
> >
> > Which makes the question, how can the server-side of the JSR-88
> > plumbing figure out which module contains the/a running console?
> >
> > I'm thinking of doing something cheesy, like adding an empty GBean to
> > the console module, and then having the JSR-88 plumbing do a gbean
> > query to locate that GBean, then from there use the dependency manager
> > to figure out what Configuration it's in, and use that to find the web
> > module and construct the URL.
> >
> > Anyone have a better idea?
> >
> > Thanks,
> >     Aaron
> >
> >
> >

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