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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Query related to JetSpeed and Geronimo
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 00:12:23 GMT

On Oct 23, 2005, at 9:26 AM, Krishnakumar B wrote:

> hi,
> I have Jetspeed-Fusion deployed on Geronimo. this works fine.

Could I ask why you are working with jetspeed 1.6 rather than 2.0?

> Jetspeed provides a autoDeploy folder where i can drop JSR-168 portlets
> and these are picked and automatically deployed.
> This feature works in Tomcat. Tomcat deploys this war as a web
> application in webapps folder under TomCat.
> I am not able to get this to work in Geronimo/Tomcat or Jetty. In
> Geronimo its not able to pick some jars and i get ClassNotFound
> Exception. How do i ensure that TomCat/Jetty Classloader picks these
> jars.  These jars are present in jetspeed  web applications lib
> folder. They are available to jetspeed WAR but not for the  wars i add
> to autoDeploy folder ( jaxen jar )

For now I suggest you preprocess the portlet.xml and web.xml to include 
the portlet-wrapping-serviets directly in your web.xml.
> The portlet i add to autoDeploy folder connects to DB using a
> Datasource.  How can i ensure this DataSource is available for the
> portlet thats deployed as i cant use a Geronimo specific plan.

What is preventing you from using a  geronimo plan?  If you wish to  
avoid needing a geronimo plan for locating a resource-ref you need to 
make sure the resource-ref-name is identical to the 
connection-factory-name in a deployed datasource.  For instance, in a 
standard geronimo installation, a resource-ref-name of 
SystemDatasource, looking up "java:comp/env/SystemDataSource" will find 
the datasource deployed in the system-database-plan.xml.
> Is it possible to make the autoDeploy feature of jetspeed work on 
> Geronimo?

I haven't looked at jetspeed autodeploy in about a year, so I'm not 
entirely sure how it works now.  As I recall the version I looked at 
dynamically generated a web.xml from the supplied web.xml and 
portlet.xml, then called something in tomcat to deploy the modified 

This is not really an appropriate architecture for geronimo IMO, at 
least for the jetty integration.  First of all, there is currently no 
autodeploy at all in geronimo, and if we implement one it will be a 
minor add-on input to the jsr-88 deployment system.

The way I imagine portlet deployment working is something like this:

-- portlet deployer gets access to the web app and determines that 
there is a portlet.xml
-- At some point in the web app ModuleBuilder, the portlet builder gets 
a chance to process the portlet.xml and add gbeans to the configuration 
representing the servlets wrapping the portlets.
-- these gbeans are started along with the other gbeans in the 

This would work more or less directly for jetty.  IIUC the tomcat 
integration is still allowing the tomcat deployment code to process the 
web.xml itself.  Therefore a tomcat portlet deployer would probably 
have to modify the web.xml rather than configuring gbeans directly.  
However,  I think ejb web service deployment does not involve any 
web.xml processing, so it may be possible to do something analogous for 
portlets and configure them directly.

Thanks!  Please keep us informed of your progress and problems you may 

david jencks

> Thanks for any info.
> Regards
> Krishnakumar B

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