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From Andy Piper <>
Subject RE: Clustering - JGroups issues and others
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 15:11:56 GMT
At 05:26 AM 10/19/2005, wrote:
>is not the only interface in the cluster. From our perspective all
>clustered facilities should base on the same mechanism in the solution,
>as otherwise the behaviour of the system is hardly predictable. So, if
>we base some application/service distribution model based on assumption
>that sub-partitioning is possible, we may end up with interesting (from
>technical perspective) problems regarding multiple services instead of a
>single one reporting controversal values.

Unfortunately if you go this route then you will end up requiring 
strong consistency everywhere which basically doesn't scale. You 
_have_ to leverage the knowledge you have about access patterns and 
consistency requirements if you want a practical system that scales.


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