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From Barry van Someren <>
Subject Re: Questions about helping out
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 12:12:35 GMT

Truth to be told I usually do get into a new project by writing JUnit
code, so I supose this will be a great start as it will also help me
get into GBeans (GBeans look like very nice and testable units to me)
Do you have any pointers where I might find a good Unit test (as a
learning example)  in the subversion? (if not I'll hunt one down

Kind regards,


On 10/20/05, Jacek Laskowski <> wrote:
> Barry van Someren wrote:
> > Sounds great.
> > I'll more than likely tinker a bit with the builds locally (still
> > getting used to the new paradigm) and I'll more than likely try to
> > look at some of the smaller bugs.
> You could start with junit test cases, too. It would let you know the
> internals while hunting down bugs. JCoverage reports will be of help to
> you. Just run maven jcoverage in a module of your interest and see
> what's missing.
> > Wish me luck.
> Have luck!
> Jacek

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