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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Trunk Cleanup?
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 20:07:52 GMT
I sent this proposal a while back and simply forgot about it until  
Alan started working on the specs cleanup.  I think the problem was I  
presented it as one huge change, so this time I'm going to try to  
break it up into tasks I can put into JIRA once approved.

In general the overall structure would be:

geronimo/trunk - Stuff needed for the J2EE server
geronimo/specs/trunk - Specification API implementations
geronimo/trunk/console - The J2ee web admin console
geronimo/examples/*/trunk - Example apps for new users (do we want to  
version these?)
geronimo/applications/*/trunk - Standalone applications such as  
dayTrader and uddi-server
geronimo/sandbox/*/ - Play area
geronimo/contrib/*/ - Tags of the initial import from a donation

* Note the last two don't need to be versioned

What do you think?


I think this should be moved to the root of the tree and be a place  
where any committer can play or experiment freely.  The contrib  
directory in the sandbox seems like it was created as an initial home  
for the initial import new contributions (i.e., a tag of the initial  
import).  I like this idea and think we should move contrib to root  
and attempt to back fill the big initial imports like the console and  
the eclipse plugin.  The other sandbox directory I have questions on  
it petstore.  If it works, I think we should move it to an examples  
directory off of root.
geronimo/trunk/sandbox                  --> geronimo/sandbox
geronimo/trunk/sandbox/contrib          --> geronimo/contrib
geronimo/trunk/sandbox/mail             --> geronimo/sandbox/mail
geronimo/trunk/sandbox/petstore         --> geronimo/examples/petstore
geronimo/trunk/sandbox/spring-assembly  --> geronimo/sandbox/spring- 
geronimo/trunk/applications/jmxdebug    --> geronimo/sandbox/ 
jmxdebug  (I think this need more work or we should simply drop it)

Aaron correct me if I'm wrong... I assume that the console is tied to  
the version of the Geronimo server it is included with, so it would  
be unreasonable to ship it separately.  Therefore, I think we should  
make move it to the root of trunk
geronimo/trunk/applications/console-core       --> geronimo/trunk/ 
geronimo/trunk/applications/console-ear        --> geronimo/trunk/ 
geronimo/trunk/applications/console-framework  --> geronimo/trunk/ 
geronimo/trunk/applications/console-standard   --> geronimo/trunk/ 

Alan is on this one

There is another thread on this, "Applications directory structure",  
started by Dave Colasurdo.  Whatever comes out of that would be this  

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