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From David Jencks <>
Subject transitive dependencies
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 03:56:02 GMT
I've been working on building geronimo using the packaging and assembly 
plugins.  This works fine except for the unmanageable dependencies.   
The project for the assemby plugin to work on currently needs to 
include in the project.xml every jar to go into the assembly's 
repository.  Tracking these is impossible.

We need some way for a configuration or even a plain dependency to 
instruct the assembly plugin to copy the artifacts dependencies into 
the repository.

One possibility is to use maven poms.  IIUC Dain is working on 
integrating or imitating the latest maven repository management code.  
Will this give us transitive dependencies?  Will the maven model work 
for us?  How close is this?  If we had it, it would be pretty easy to 
construct separate jetty and tomcat assemblies, a both assembly, an 
assembly w/o ejbs, etc etc.  Without transitive dependencies, it will 
be a nightmare to try to keep the repository contents adequate and 
restricted to what is actually needed to run the server.

david jencks 

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