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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: Old tags in Geornimo
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 21:32:08 GMT
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Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
> Tags imply that they are supported.

Really?  I've never encountered that before.  Maybe against a
V1_0_0 tage, but then you just tell someone 'nope, not supported.'
M1 means 'milestone one,' right?

Another thing to consider is people who build against the
idiosyncrasies of a particular tagged version.  Making the
tag harder to find/check out does them no service.  This
sort of thing was (is?) seen a lot with the Apache APR
code.  Things like Subversion and the Apache httpd code
are released with specific versions of APR expected.  So
what if they're obsolete?  Make the tag harder to find
and it's harder to use.

One situation in which I could see this being relevant is
a company wanting to incorporate code.  They might want to
pick a particular point in time in order to do their
'pedigree' checking of the IP issues.

So it's not just the meaning to Geronimo that's relevant
here, but the meaning of the tags to consumers/users of
the code.

If the only reason to do anything with the old tags is
the concern that someone might consider them as implying
support, I'd suggest finding a way to negate that impression
that doesn't involve affecting the history or ease of
finding it.

Just my US$0.02, and I'm not a coder on Geronimo.
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