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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: Remote Deployment
Date Mon, 31 Oct 2005 03:44:57 GMT
Are you referring to the situation when multiple Web Containers are running in 
the server and the console is running in only one of them?  Is this a scenario 
that you've seen users requesting?  I think more than one web container in a 
user deployment (apart from server development) is an unlikely scenario.  I'm 
open to it but I haven't seen any demand for it so I'm trying to understand the 



Aaron Mulder wrote:
> So I think the strategy for remote deployment is to create a servlet
> to accept file uploads, so we can stream the application/module
> archive to the servlet and it will save it to the server filesystem,
> and then we can issue the normal commands where the server expects the
> files to be on the local filesystem.
> The only question then is how the deploy tool should locate the servlet.
> We now have the capability to construct an accurate URL to a web
> application (no matter how many containers are running).  I assume
> we'd put this servlet in the console web app for now, rather than
> create a whole new web app just for supporting remote deployment.
> Which makes the question, how can the server-side of the JSR-88
> plumbing figure out which module contains the/a running console?
> I'm thinking of doing something cheesy, like adding an empty GBean to
> the console module, and then having the JSR-88 plumbing do a gbean
> query to locate that GBean, then from there use the dependency manager
> to figure out what Configuration it's in, and use that to find the web
> module and construct the URL.
> Anyone have a better idea?
> Thanks,
>     Aaron

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