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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Wiki reorganization proposal
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 21:52:46 GMT
Hi All,
Independently of whether we will ever move wiki to confluence or not 
(there is a lot of discussion on this) still the Apache wiki needs some 
serious reorganization today.

I think it should be restructured into something easier to browse, 
making a stronger focus on the Geronimo documentation. We could have 
sections at the bottom (sort of Appendixes) for all non-documentation 
related topics (people, contests, etc).

This is the content as it is today:

Logo Contest
Mailing Lists
Issue Tracking
Related Sites
Project Status & Management
Developer Information
ObjectWeb Collaboration
Wiki Sand Box

Most of this information is either redundant on the 
front page or not relevant (like "Related sites").

My suggestion is to provide a logical flow, from "the generic" to "the 
specific". Start with a "Project overview", then go with the  "Geronimo 
architecture" and continue with a breakdown of that architecture, ...

The structure I propose may look like a TOC for a book but, dreaming 
about a perfect world, it would be great if Geronimo can have a sound 
starting point for our documentation. I see other wiki-like sites and 
are a lot more organized.

Here is my proposed content for the wiki:

- Apache Geronimo project overview
   - About ASF
   - Licensing

- Architecture
   - GBeans
   - Geronimo kernel
   - Naming
   - Tomcat
   - Jetty
   - Derby
   - Axis
   - TranQL
   - OpenEJB
   - MX4J
   - ActiveMQ
   - ApacheDS
   - ...

- Installation
   - Platforms supported
   - Hardware and software prerequisites
   - Getting the source code
   - Build from the source
   - Installation

- Administration
   - Tools
     start and stop services/servers, deployer.jar, etc
   - Geronimo Web Console
   - Configure resources
     - JavaMail
     - Database
     - ...
   - Logging
   - Backup and recovery
   - Maintenance

- Development
   - Eclipse tools
   - Simple servlet and JSP applications
   - Web applications
   - EJB applications
   - Security applications
   - Web services applications
   - Client applications
   - ...

- Deployment
   - Deployer tool
   - Deployment plans
   - Deploying applications
   - Deploying configurations/resources

- Security
   - Implementation overview
   - Authentication
   - Authorization
   - Security modules
   - Security realms
   - Enabling SSL
   - Programatic security
     - Enabling security for applications
   - LDAP

- Applications migration

- Performance and high availability
   - Scalability
   - Clustering

- Hints and Tips

- Troubleshooting

- Sample applications

- Other interesting resources
   - Wiki SandBox
   - People

I know I'm missing a lot but still wanted to give this first step.

I'm sure with a better structure we can get more people easily invovled 
on both, producing and consuming, documentation.

Thank you all.


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