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From Lars K├╝hne <>
Subject Re: Trifork CORBA
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 06:12:33 GMT
Alan D. Cabrera wrote:

> I want to extend an invitation out to all the OpenORB developers who 
> might be interested in helping out.  Lots of great work out here!

I'm one of them, but I don't use Geronimo and I haven't looked at G's 

Some of these points have already been made in this thread:

   1. The code really should be in cvs/svn so it's easy to send in patches.
   2. The code needs to be buildable, and preferably have tests, so it's
      easy to try out changes.
   3. A high level description of the core code and the module structure
      above core would be great. It seems that the directory layout is
      designed to host other modules as well. What would these other
      modules be? Top level components like an IDL compiler and a
      NamingService implemenation? That would be cool, because I'm
      currently working on a Apache licensed IDL compiler.

Once #1 is in place, I think I can start working on #2, although I can't 
promise more than maybe a few hours per week, and the ORB kernel is not 
my primary area of expertise within OpenORB.

There certainly is demand for a complete Apache licensed ORB 
implementation outside Geronimo. Personally I would need that to replace 
OpenORB in our code (we use plain CORBA, without a container), but other 
projects like Apache Harmony would benfit as well. This means that there 
should be no dependency from the ORB core to Geronimo.

Is support for Java 1.4 a requirement in Geronimo, and if yes then for 
how long? In Java 5 many infrastructure classes like j.u.concurrent and 
JMX are available without introducing any external dependencies, and 
support for SSL seems to be much better (no personal experience). Would 
it be OK for the ORB to require Java 5?

Last but not least I'd like to thank Trifork for starting this 
initiative and donating their code.


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