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From Calvin Austin <>
Subject Re: Trifork CORBA
Date Wed, 26 Oct 2005 18:09:22 GMT
Rick McGuire wrote:

> Andy Piper wrote:
>> At 04:26 PM 10/26/2005, Rick McGuire wrote:
>>> The most critical need right now is to have a replacement to the Sun 
>>> ORB that would allow portability to other JVM impelementations.  The 
>>> lack of a full-function compliant ORB is the main factor locking 
>>> Geronimo in to the Sun 1.4.2 JVM.
>>> I think the general view of the CORBA support is that of a 
>>> "necessary evil".  It is required for J2EE certifcation, but is not 
>>> generally seen as critical to most Geronimo deployments.  My 
>>> personal view of the priorities is "get it working, get it 
>>> portable".  Issues such as additional uses or higher peformance are 
>>> things to consider after the primary requirements are fullfilled.
>> Can I ask why portability is critical? Most VM's (with one notable 
>> exception) use the Sun ORB so depending on it doesn't seem such a big 
>> deal to me, especially if its a necessary evil. I agree support for 
>> J2SE 5.0 is essential, but its pretty easy to write code that 
>> supports both 1.4 and 5.0 ORBs.
> Actually, then don't.  The IBM JVM certainly doesn't, and I don't 
> believe JRocket does either.  And it is not particularly easy to write 
> code code that supports both 1.4 and 5.0 Sun ORBs because of 
> difficulties hooking in the SSL support.  You also run into issues 
> trying to build the code, since for any given JVM, only one of the 
> versions of the ORB adaptors will compile correctly.
Technically the J2SE 5.0 reference ORB was supposed to be portable and 
interoperable and pluggable as Sun uses a modified version of that ORB 
for its own products. I've tried to forget the headaches we had with 
CORBA experience with JDK 5.0 but if there is anything I can do to make 
the Geronimo completely work with JDK 5.0 I'm all ears


>> andy

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