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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: xdoclet
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:58:06 GMT
Jacek, don't think my reply from last fri made it to the dev list. 

Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> Sachin Patel wrote:
>> Jacek, Looks like WTP will have xdoc2 support for their 1.0 (got a 
>> note saying it's in this weeks I-build) so perhaps we should consider 
>> not maintaining two streams and focus only on xdoclet 2 plugin 
>> development.
> Hey Sachin,
> Great! I've had some success in developing XDoclet2 plugin for Geronimo, 
> but wonder what exactly we need to have. I'm working on a GBeanPlugin, 
> so that one would create a GBean and annotate it with some tags. I don't 
> know yet what tags it will end up with, though. Probably, it will map 
> what's available in the gbean xml schema.
> So far we've got the XDoclet plugin for OpenEJB that I think should 
> rather be in OpenEJB repo. 

I wasn't aware of the openejb plugin.  Where is it exactly? How much do 
the tags vary from the regular "ejb" xdoc plugin? Are they container 
specific tags?

No Geronimo XDoclet2 support exists yet. The
> question that bothers me lately is what XDoclet2 should bring to the table?

I'm still trying to get familar with the geronimo deployment plans, but 
I would think that not everything would make sense or be applicable to 
have tags for.  Most tags generate either xml or additional source. 
Could there be any scenarios for codegen?  Also it would only make sense 
to provide tags for elements that can be applied to the scope of a given 
class, if that makes sense.  And I think the gbeanplugin would be a good 
example of that.  Also it would good to focus at first on geronimo 
specific non-j2ee tags, and a GBeanPlugin falls into that category as well.

The other thing we should consider for the future is JSR-175 type 
annotations, and wether we want to exploit its "reflection" support in 
the server during runtime.

> Any comments are greatly appreciated.
>> Sachin.
> Jacek

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