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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: loading gbeans
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 13:31:13 GMT
Sending again.. (sorry if dup reply)

David Jencks wrote:
starts the configuration gbean, but
> not the gbeans in the configuration
> configurationManager.loadGBeans(myURI);  //loads but does not start the 
> gbeans in the configuration

Doh! must have overlooked that API.

> will load the configuration whose ID is myURI, and then load but not 
> start the gbeans in the configuration, so you won't get any port 
> conflicts.  Starting the configuration 
> (configurationManager.start(myURI) will load and start the gbeans in the 
> configuration: you don't want to do this.
> Second, does jmx remoting use the jndi naming port?  I keep getting 
> confused about which port jmx remoting connects to.

I thought so... but now I'm 100% sure myself.  :)   In the wiki  it does....

(which by the way the path is incorrect)

but in my eclipse tooling code... the uri I have is


So I'm wondering now myself how its connecting to the correct port, or 
if not specified it just happens to be defaulting to 1099.


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