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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Adding a partition to Apache DS with Geronimo
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2005 04:19:49 GMT

I now made it so you can create partitions.  See the 
var/ldap/conf/directory.xml file.  You set your partitions up in this 
file via xml tags.  There is no support for the properties files.

So for your example you gave, the directory.xml would look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <partition name="myhost">
                 <attribute id="objectClass">
                 <attribute id="dc">

It also probably wouldn't hurt to uncomment the <bootStrapSchemas> block 
as well.


Krishnakumar B wrote:
> hi,
> i am trying to create a new partition with apache DS that comes with geronimo
> dn: dc=myhost,dc=com
> dc: myhost
> objectClass: dcObject
> The documentation for directory server says to use properties file
> server.db.partition.suffix.apache=dc=myhost,dc=com
> server.db.partition.indices.apache=ou cn objectClass uid
> server.db.partition.attributes.apache.dc=myhost
> server.db.partition.attributes.apache.objectClass=top domain extensibleObject
> But i am unable to add this to Apache DS in geronimo.
> So want to know if this is possible or i can use only ou=system thats
> created by default.
> thanks
> Krish

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