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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: xdoclet
Date Wed, 19 Oct 2005 15:00:52 GMT
No, I'm currently not working on it, and I don't think John S is either 
right now.  This is a good question, but I say go for it.  The only 
technical reason I can think at the top of my head to keep the 1.x based 
version is for eclipse tooling integration, as WTP currently supports 
the 1.x xdoclet runtimes.  I'm not sure wether they have plans to 
support 2.x runtime for WTP 1.0.  I can ask them.  If so, then perhaps 
there is no need to support both versions.  Also how much easier is it 
to develop XDoclet 2 plugins from a build perspective? Do you think some 
of the questions John posted in an earlier thread can be answered easer 
with XDoclet2? (i.e can you build without the source?)


Jacek Laskowski wrote:
> wrote:
>> Hi Sachin,
>> If you could help out that would be great as I probably won't have a 
>> lot of time over the next few weeks to work on this.
>> If you download Xdoclet 1.2.2 source and build the geronimo module, 
>> you end up with a xdoclet-geronimo-module-1.2.2.jar file in target/lib.  
> Hi,
> I'm writing a doc about developing an XDoclet2 plugin and would be 
> glad to take Geronimo plugin as a sample. Is anyone working on it? 
> Sachin? I don't want to step on anybody's toes with migrating the code 
> to XDoclet2 since it's 1.x-based. Do you think it's worth to maintain 
> two versions of the plugin for XD1 and XD2? Unless I'm mistaken they 
> would be completely different.
>> John
> Jacek

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