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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Clustering - JGroups issues and others
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2005 12:23:11 GMT
Hi Valeri,

Thanks for your 5 cents.  J-Groups would be interesting to use, but I 
think its licensing is where we may have a problem (LGPL) - others 
please correct me on this if I am not right.

Jeff wrote:
> Hello
> Here is my 5 cents... I have some comments regarding clustering based on
> J-Groups. We were trying to use this technology and came to certain
> points, that render it unusable in our case.
> Many of the cluster caches/replicates assume that all the information
> propagated to all the nodes in the cluster. Some of the solutions
> propagate only keys, however. In any case this solution can not be used
> in sufficiently large clusters as the rate of upates would eat all the
> node capacity making it unusable.
> Regarding J-Groups itself. Probably that is specific to cluster
> facilities in JBoss, but generally J-Groups organize a list of nodes,
> and every node checks the state of the next one in the chain. The
> problem is that in many cases servers may fail/disconnect in groups,
> which causes two problems: the segmentation of the cluster and
> extremelly high failure report time, as for architectures based on blade
> technology servers shut down in large packs and it really takes time to
> detect several sequentally disconnected servers.
> To overcome the problems we ended up with the "star" architecture, where
> the central node is responsible for maintaining the list of other nodes.
> The availability of the central node itself could be provided with
> facilities like Red Hat Cluster Suite or similar (service failover,
> floating IPs, etc).
> -valeri

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