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From Sachin Patel <>
Subject Re: xdoclet
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 21:21:11 GMT
These are good questions.  As soon as I finish dealing with the WTP 
design changes I can start looking into some of these issues. 

See below re: the eclipse questions... wrote:
> Hi Sachin,
> If you could help out that would be great as I probably won't have a 
> lot of time over the next few weeks to work on this.
> I was initially thinking about automating the download of the xdoclet 
> code and invoking the ant build of xdoclet as a first step to get 
> things moving...  But I didn't view this as a long term solution.
> If you download Xdoclet 1.2.2 source and build the geronimo module, 
> you end up with a xdoclet-geronimo-module-1.2.2.jar file in target/lib.  
> Some issues\questions that need to be investigated:
>  * Is the generated xdoclet-geronimo-module-1.2.2.jar compatible with 
> previous versions or future versions of XDoclet?
> * How do we version it?  The plan was (at least until Geronimo 
> stabilises) to have the Geronimo XDoclet module developed (and 
> versioned) independent of the XDoclet project.
> * Does XDoclet 1.2.2 only look for modules with a 1.2.2 version number 
> in their names?
> * What happens if Eclipse moves to a newer XDoclet release in the 
> future?  Will we be supporting multiple versions of Eclipse in the 
> future?
Eclipse/WTP actually doesn't ship the XDoclet runtime, only the 
framework to support it.  Thus making our integration into it easier and 
much more flexible.
> * Can the eclipse auto update facility install the appropriate 
> geronimo Xdoclet module?
Yes, I the eclipse update manager has the ability to install any jars as 
long as their is an "update site" on the other end.  For example, 
through WTP we'll be able to install not only the geronimo eclipse 
plugin, but the Geronimo server itself.

> * Need to identify the files that are used in the Ant build of an 
> Xdoclet module and determine whether we can develop a maven equivalent.
> I noticed that there has been brief discussion of on the Xdoclet-devel 
> list of splitting the hibernate module from the main release.  I would 
> imaging they would have to resolve similar issues we are facing.
> Sorry,  I have probably given you more questions than answers.
> John
> Sachin Patel <> wrote on 16/10/2005 11:37:11 PM:
> > John S.,
> >
> > Were you planning to mavenize the xdoclet stuff in the sandbox?  I
> > noticed in your comments that building the module requires the xdoclet
> > source, as well as for the geronimo module to be placed inside the xdoc
> > install dir.  Did you have any ideas on how to avoid needing to do 
> this?
> > If you don't have time, I'll be glad to help out on this.  I'm 
> hoping to
> > integrate this stuff into the Eclipse plugin and WTP.
> >
> > Sachin.

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