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From Stefan Schmidt <>
Subject Undeploy does not seem to work as expected
Date Sat, 15 Oct 2005 04:45:47 GMT

Maybe I am understanding this wrong, but if I undeploy my application 
(ear) from geronimo and receive the following output:

     [java] Module AppName stopped.
     [java] Module AppName unloaded.
     [java] Module AppName uninstalled.
     [java] Undeployed AppName
     [java] `-> AppName.war
     [java] `-> AppName-cmp-ejb.jar
     [java] `-> AppName-ejb.jar

... I would actually not expect that the app is still running. Looking 
into the config store tells me that some things like the 
...war-generated folders are deleted but others are still there (such as 
the war directory, the AppName-cmp-ejb.jar and the AppName-ejb.jar). I 
would expect that everything is properly deleted?!

Maybe I simply don't understand it properly - so enlighten me please :-).


Stefan Schmidt

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