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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Clustering
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 14:03:50 GMT

Dave Colasurdo wrote:
> Can we level-set the conversation (in this subthread) by describing the 
> current clustering options available in Geronimo. 
> It seems that Tomcat 
> and Jetty already have some level of web tier clustering.  Can a 
> geronimo user easily leverage this support?

Speaking from a Tomcat perspective, I just need to add the clustering 
GBeans and it should be available immediately.  But this only addresses 
the web tier, which is not good enough.

> Specifically, Tomcat supports Load Balancing via JK 
> connector/mod_proxy/balancer, HttpSession failover via 
> file/database/memory replication, sticky session, etc..
> Though it seems that some of the configuration/management depends on 
> tomcat server.xml..  Can geronimo users currently easily leverage this 
> web tier clustering?

Yep...again...just a Gbean wrapper.  I could offer up the code in 
literally a few minutes.  I held off from doing this before we were to 
choose a direction for our clustering solution.  If you all (community) 
want this as an interim solution, I can activate Tomcat clustering this 
weekend.  Just say so - I just need to see some interest.

> I understand that Tomcat and Jetty provide only Web tier solutions and 
> don't address EJB, JNDI, JDBC, JMS..  Though just wondering whether how 
> relevant their web tier solutions are to geronimo.

Its obviously web only.  I brought up the Tomcat clustering kind of a 
roll-your-own option.  We could take what is there and build on it to 
work in the other areas.

> Also, how does Tangosol Coherence fit in?  Is this an application level 
> clustering solution?

Tangasol would fit in nicely, if it were free ;-)  I spoke with Cameron 
last week at JIA and flat out asked him about the possibility of a 
donation.  He didn't say no ;-)  He did say he needed to think about it 
and how it fits his company's business model, of which I have complete 
respect for.


> Dave
> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Now that we have achieved the covetted J2EE Certification, we need to 
>> start thinking about some of the things we will need to have in 
>> Geronimo in order to be mass adopted by the Enterprise.
>> IMHO, I think one of the huge holes is clustering.  This is a heavy 
>> need by many companies and I believe that until we get a powerful 
>> clustering solution into G, it will not be taken as a serious J2EE 
>> contender.
>> So, with that said, I wanted to start a discussion thread on 
>> clustering and what we need to do to get this into Geronimo.  I 
>> personally would like to be involved in this (thus the reason for me 
>> starting this thread) - yeah, since Tomcat is done, now I am bored ;-).
>> I was going over the lists and emails and had some great discussion 
>> with Jules on the WADI project he has built.  This seems compelling to 
>> me.  I also noticed Active Cluster as a possibility.
>> So lets start from the top.  Do we use an already available clusering 
>> engine or do we roll our own?  Here is a small list of choices I have 
>> reviewed and it is by no means complete...
>> 1) WADI
>> 2) Active Cluster
>> 3) Leverage the Tomcat Clustering engine
>> So here are some of my questions...
>> How complete is WADI and Active Cluster?  Both look interesting to me. 
>> My only concern with Active Cluster is it seems to be JMS based, which 
>> I think may be slow for high performance clustering (am I incorrect on 
>> this?).  How mature is WADI?
>> Thoughts and opinions are welcomed.
>> Jeff

Jeff Genender

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