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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Clustering
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 11:48:28 GMT
Now that we have achieved the covetted J2EE Certification, we need to 
start thinking about some of the things we will need to have in Geronimo 
in order to be mass adopted by the Enterprise.

IMHO, I think one of the huge holes is clustering.  This is a heavy need 
by many companies and I believe that until we get a powerful clustering 
solution into G, it will not be taken as a serious J2EE contender.

So, with that said, I wanted to start a discussion thread on clustering 
and what we need to do to get this into Geronimo.  I personally would 
like to be involved in this (thus the reason for me starting this 
thread) - yeah, since Tomcat is done, now I am bored ;-).

I was going over the lists and emails and had some great discussion with 
Jules on the WADI project he has built.  This seems compelling to me.  I 
also noticed Active Cluster as a possibility.

So lets start from the top.  Do we use an already available clusering 
engine or do we roll our own?  Here is a small list of choices I have 
reviewed and it is by no means complete...

2) Active Cluster
3) Leverage the Tomcat Clustering engine

So here are some of my questions...

How complete is WADI and Active Cluster?  Both look interesting to me. 
My only concern with Active Cluster is it seems to be JMS based, which I 
think may be slow for high performance clustering (am I incorrect on 
this?).  How mature is WADI?

Thoughts and opinions are welcomed.


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