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From Epiq Geronimo Team <>
Subject Logo Contest Information
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2005 23:18:14 GMT

To follow up on some of the mailing list discussion on the Logo Contest, 
Erin and Bill brought up a couple of key points for the logos.  They 
suggested that the logo should be something that could easily be 
inverted for dark backgrounds.  They also wanted the logo to be 
something clean and distinctive.  In addition, they mentioned that they 
liked our entries 18 and 19, but they might prefer a different font.  We 
have posted several things on the following page (scroll down a little):

1. What our entries might look like if they were inverted (ie on a dark 

2. What Entries 18 and 19 might look like with a different type of font.

3. The designer's concept behind each of the logo entries.  This 
contains an explanation of the thought process and the ideas behind what 
went into the design.

We have provided this information in an effort to make this process as 
collaborative as possible, to respond to the feedback we have received 
from the mailing list, and to give prospective voters any other 
information that they might require to make an informed decision about 
the logos we have submitted for the contest.  We look forward to any 
additional feedback that you may have.

Best regards,

The Epiq Team

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